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GPS Tracking at its best

ExpressTrak provides fast, effective and high speed tracking for all your assets, vehicles, shipments.  You can also protect your elderly, teen agers, children, pets. This is an intuitive easy to use browser based application and requires no software to install on your computer. You can login and start tracking. 


The application has the ability to track on land, over the air and in the ocean. We provide GS1001 for tracking on land and Iridium devices to track in the air and ocean.


The system provides enhanced ability for fleet management and would be ideal for trucking and other transportation companies with large number of vehicles. Multiple vehicles or assets within a region can be easily tracked in real time, identifying their history in a comprehensive view. You will be able to view the path taken with time, speed, direction and location information visible right on the live map. Start-Stop-Moving reports can be generated on demand for detailed perusal.


You will be able to setup Geographic Fences  (also called Safety Zones) on the map and will be alerted to your smart phones and emails whenever the Fences are broken in or out. The system provides alert messages to the medium of your choice whenever exceptional situations occur.


We provide seemless interaction of the mapping system with Blackberry and IPhone. The Blackberry and IPhone devices can be transmitted live location information on their map view.



Senior Citizens

Live Mapping

This feature plots a vehicle or asset’s real time position against a virtual map. Live mapping keeps users informed of asset movements, the direction it is travelling in and the speed at which it is travelling. We also provide a Satellite Overlay or Bird’s Eye view which provides users with an overhead photograph of an area. This helps users to further identify the environment of person/asset/vehicle is in whether it is city streets or remote areas or mountain terrain.




Many tracking systems allow users to setup Alerts. Alerts provide notifications of predefined asset activity such as entry/exit of a Geo Fence and drivers speeding or idling excessively. Alerts keep fleet managers informed of vehicle activity without the need to refer to the tracking system.



Safety Zones (Geo Fences)

A Geo Fence allows a user to place a virtual fence around an address or location on the tracking application map. ExpressTrak reports and alerts when a tracked vehicle enters or exits a predefined fence. Many customers use Geo Fences to monitor locations of significance to their business such as customer business locations, secure areas around buildings. Geo Fences can be named so that when reviewing tracking reports customer locations and secure areas are easier to identify.


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